As a professional photographer, Jason Thomas knows the importance of using the best a latest photographic technology. He currently use 2 different styles for Architectural photography. Flash/Ambient Photography which is a hand-blended flash and ambient exposure for higher quality photos and high dynamic range (HDR) technology to produce high resolution, high definition as well. Both are very popular in Real Estate photography.

The featured home tour videos are recorded using full 4K at 60fps and provides a real look and feel of visiting the home. All home tour videos can be customized to brand you as an agent or be unbranded for MLS compliance.

The home tour video can be provided to you in several different formats. We can supply your show to you in a variety of formats.

Each tour can be hosted on a hosting site, or it can be added to your webpage to better market your online presence. Benefit your own search engine optimization by having your tours on your site – direct all your customers to your own site!

MLS Photo HDR Package (a fusion of varying exposures)

- High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography: - 20-40 pictures

- Color, white balance and vertical corrections, minor defect removal, and other essential editing. - multiple exposure fusion for an outside view.

- Delivered via DropBox in MLS-ready format.

- A great value without sacrificing quality.

- Discounts on twilights, drone and video add-ons.

- 24-48-hour turnaround.

- Packages starting at $150

- Home over 2400sqft will have an additional $50 cost (Price will be quoted over 2800sqft)

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MLS Photo Flash/Ambient Package (hand-blended flash and ambient exposures)

- Flash/Ambient Photography

- 20-40 pictures

- Custom 'window pulls’ to maximize outside view.

- Color, white balance and vertical corrections

- Extra detail editing, major defect removal, touch-up.

- Delivered via Dropbox in MLS-ready format.

- Discounts on twilights, drone and video add-ons.

- 24-48-hour turnaround.

- Packages starting at $175

- Home over 2400sqft will have an additional $50 cost (Price will be quoted over 2800sqft)

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Additional Services and Fees

JasonEarle Photography can even provide aerial photos and video performed by a fully insured, FAA-certified part 107 pilot with hundreds of hours flight time. You can feel confident that your aerial photography/videography needs are in the hands of an expert. Aerial Services include MLS listing photos and videos, Commercial Architecture, Weddings/Events, and Insurance Documentation.


Aerial photography

- Pictures Only $75 per property

- Pictures and Video add-on $125 (most popular with vacant lots)

- Aerial add-on with MLS package $25

Commercial Drone Rates

- Flying $700 day, $400 half day, $150 hour

- Editing is $75 per hour

- Unlimited licensed use


- Video Only $175 per property

- Video add-on with MLS package $125

- Picture tour added in a mp4 file with music $75

- All videos for MLS are unbranded.

- Add agent branding to any video or tour $25

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Twilight Session

Twilight photography shows your property in a softer, more intimate lighting — giving it a more “elegant” look and feel. It will also accent the architectural appeal of the home.

These photos create a soft and warm lighting effect that actually invoke a unique “mood” to each property…Drawing in the potential buyers through and emotional desire to experience the lifestyle offered within the walls of the home.

Twilight photography is notoriously tricky to shoot, and requires the expertise of a professional real estate photographer. When done properly, a potential buyer will click it to see more when a twilight photo is features.

Make your listing stand out from the crowd with a Twilight picture starting at $125

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Photo Retouching

Need to make your grass look healthy and green? How about blue skies on a cloudy day or even colorful twilight sky? Let us add that WOW factor to your photos. $10 per photo

Adding a picture on a TV screen

Some agents don't want to see a black screen and will add either the front of the home or another scene to have more of an inviting look to their listings. $5 per screen.

Uploading Zillow Walkthrough

As a Zillow Certified Photographer, your professional listing video can be uploaded to Zillow as their video walkthrough.  $25 This enhances your listing on Zillow's website.

Clubhouse and Amenities

If your listing is in a community and would like to show off the amenities $25 Larger communities with golf courses and marinas will be priced differently.

Commercial Licensed Photography

Unlimited licensed use for builders, designers, commercial use, and architect, starting at $55 an image minimum of 8 AirBnB, VRBO, vacation rentals, and any other multiple use for a home $20 an image minimum of 10 images (includes aerials)

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